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    Engine overheating Solution

    Many of us found our self stopped at road side with steam coming of the motor. Motor overheating can be cured easily by using Cooling System Flush.

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    CSF can save you time and money

    Rust in cooling system is a very significant factor that causes motor overheating. Rust acts as insulator limiting the efficiency of cooling system to extract heat.

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    Use CSF and solve the problem fast

    CSF will remove rust from your vehicle cooling system and its components fast and easy. It is safe, it is cheap and doesn't require tooling or dismantle anything.

CSF is an environmental friendly rust remover designed especially for the cooling systems. Rust and corrosion in cooling systems operate in practice as an insulator reducing its heat exchange capability resulting overheating problems. CFS Restores the engine ability to transfer heat to the coolant allowing engines to run cooler and last longer.
Cooling system flush


Satisfied customers


Here's why

Overheating  problem

Overheating problem

Rust in cooling system works as insulator minimizing the heat transfer of the radiator of the motor.

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How it works

How it works

Cooling System Flush restores the engine ability to transfer heat to the coolant allowing engines to run cooler and last longer.

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Cost savings

Cost savings

Use of Cooling System  Flush can significantly reduce the direct and indirect oparating cost of vehichles and machinery.

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Cars treated


Trucks treated


Industrial equipment


saved maintenance costs

Why choose CSF?

It is Easy

Easy and safe application from non specialized technicians

It is Fast

No dismantle is required- labor free application

It is Effective

Minimize the engine wearing due to overheating

It is Safe

It is safe for your skin and the environment

It is Powerful

It will completely remove rust from you engine block, radiator and the complete cooling system

It is Eco friendly

No Acis, No Voc's,No Bases, No Solvets, Biodegradable

It is Safe

For rubber, plastic, viton, most colors, metal.

It is Cost saver

saves you time and money.Suitable for both reactive and preventive maintenance

What our clients say

  • N. SmithCSF worked like charm. Very fast it completely removed rust from our Scania R420 and Volvo FH12

    N. Smith Maintenance Manager
  • P. SantelliOur company operates 6 280kw motors equipped with cooling jacket. We noticed that motor temperature was high and after inspection we found coolant flow very low. We used CSF and after one hour the coolant flow was unrestricted. A boroscope examination confirmed that there wasn't any sign of rust. We adapted CSF to our maintenance procedures.

    P. Santelli Engineer
  • Steve P.My 90hp Yamaha had clogged water cooling passages. My only solution was to dismantle everything and clean manually. I came across CSF and decided to give it a try. I was really surprised by the results. CSF cleaned everything in just 2 hrs. no clogging no rust no residues. Thank you for your product you saved me allot of time. I plan to use CSF again just before winter storage.

    Steve P. Boat owner
  •  Dheeraj My fiat punto 2001 had huge problem with overheating. Finally had to take to mechanic to repair a blown head gasket. The overheating problem insisted and the cabin heating had limited functionality. A friend (truck driver) suggested to used CSF. After using it motor temperature is low even in hot days with bad traffic. Cabin heating works again. I was ready to sale my car for spares since the cost or repair was higher than my car value. Thank you guys great product. 

    Dheeraj Fiat owner

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